Friday, July 12, 2013

Makeup of wxPython

This week I've started working on the generator script and I decided that for a bit of fun and to get a better idea of what the library looks like, I'd collect some statistics about the contents of the library:

Total Classes: 596
Total Methods: 8508
Virtual Methods: 1233
Virtual Methods (not Dtor): 1138
Overloaded Methods: 705
Overloaded Methods (not Ctor): 328
Average Number of overloads: 2.3914893617
Average Number of overloads (not Ctor): 2.46951219512
Global Variables:  590
Defines:  2544

A few notes about the numbers:

This data is based on the output of the tweaker scripts, which get their data from wxWidgets documentation.  As a result, undocumented classes and methods are not included.  I've also intentionally excluded everything that the tweaker scripts mark as 'ignored'.  I have not included pure Python classes or methods.

"Methods" in this context includes C++ methods that are added by the tweaker scripts and are not present in wxWidgets (for example wx.Menu.FindItemById.)

Virtual methods are somewhat under reported here.  The tweaker scripts turn off the virtual flag on a large number of methods that aren't likely to be overridden from Python. This helps keep the size of bindings down since extra code needs to be generated for virtual methods.

This basically confirms what was I had originally suspected about overloaded methods: the majority of them are constructors.  I did expect the average number of overloads to be at least three, though I'm not sure why.  The defines count is on the order of magnitude I expected, but also a little high.  The number of defines is so high because they include the definitions for the default window ids, the default events, and window styles options, among other things.

I'll probably be working on the generator script for the next couple of weeks.  I'll probably write something about that next week, I suppose.

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