Thursday, August 8, 2013


The last week has felt a lot more productive then the previous few.  I've added a numberof small things to the generator, including methods with custom C++ code, (working) protected methods, and overloaded methods.  Overloaded methods presented kind of an interesting problem.  A bit of background:  the way I setup my multimethod code, overloads have their types specified in a decorator.  So the declaration of a multimethod with one overload looks like:
def func():
    """A multimethod."""

def func(s):
    print s
(Side note: I'd like to point out how awesome inspect.getargspec is. It made writing the multimethod support code way easier.)

The problem:  the type for each variable has to already exist by the time the overload is created.  Now you might be thinking, like I was when I first realized this was going to be a problem, that you probably can sort things so that the declaration for every class comes before its required by some function.  But there is one situation that such a solution could never solve: copy constructors.  The copy constructor must have its own class as a type for its parameter.  So, what I ended up doing was to move the actual overloads of the multimethods to the end of the module, after every class has been created.  While this does impair the readability of the code some, I don't think anyone is likely to care much about it in this case.

So anyway, ...  As I add more functionality to the generator, I keep finding more things that I'll need to add later.  Something that dawned on me fairly recently that I'm slightly dreading is the prospect of adding support for all of the function and parameter sip annotations that wxPython uses.  I'll probably write more about this later when I start actually adding support for them, but I'm predicting that dealing with them and the interactions between multiple of them could be a very frustrating experience.

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